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Action point (AP) is a subunit of a character's turn/round. During each turn, a player can take a set number of actions; the AP cost of each action is at least one, although there are multiple examples of actions which require 2 or even 3 AP. In campaigns, most characters start with 2 AP per round; this is increased to 3 per round after a certain stage. Drones start out with having 2 AP per round when directly controlled by their rigger; this increases to 3 and later 4 per round, as the rigger's Drone Combat increases.

AP can be increased or decreased. AP is increased by having a Haste spell casted on the character, or by the character consuming an item (usually drugs). AP decreasing attacks are usually melee criticals or stun grenades. If the AP of a character is reduced to below zero, the character is considered stunned. Stunned characters not only cannot act or move at all; they also lose their cover bonus (if any), and are susceptible to certain attacks. Drones will become inactive if the rigger is stunned; similarly, shamans lose control of their spirits when they are stunned.

When jacked into the Matrix, the cyberdeck being used will determine the amount of APs per turn available to a persona. This can range from 2 to 4.

APs which are not used by the end of a turn are forfeited.

Campaign NPCs[]

  • In Dragonfall, Glory has a personal ability which increases her AP by 1. Dietrich has a Haste spell equipped by default.
  • In Hong Kong, Racter's drone has 3 AP, despite his Drone Combat being lower than 6 (where the usual rigger gets the +1 AP to his/her drones). Gobbet has a Haste spell equipped by default, and has an upgrade which increases her accuracy when she casts the Haste.
  • Bosses such as Audran in Dragonfall and Qian Ya in Hong Kong have 6 APs in one turn.