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Beneath the Kreuzbasar
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Mandatory objectives
  • Disarm all bombs
  • Kill all enemies
  • 8 karma
  • Level 6 skills for the crew
  • Merchants will sell top tier equipment
  • Special rules11 turn limit; limit will be removed once all bombs are disarmed.

    Beneath the Kreuzbasar is a mission in Dragonfall.


    You and your team descend into the sewers, footsteps echoing off of the damp stone walls. You barely notice the smell - there's no time to waste. Audran's team of mercenaries is down here somewhere, racing to plant their explosive charges beneath the kiez.

    The fate of the Kreuzbasar is in your hands.


    • Welcome to the point where you save everyone in Kreuzbasar. You have an 11 turn limit and have to disarm three bombs. Note that bombs are not affected by explosives, so use those grenades!
    • If you saved the ghouls in The Sewers, they will assist you in combat.
    • Also, note that drones can help disarm the bombs.
    • The first one is south of your location, protected by three mercs. Split away two party members to deal with it, while the rest head north, to the other one.
    • Prioritize disarming, not killing. The last bomb is in the rear and you will need to leg it to make it there in time. The last bomb is protected by four mercs. Use Glory to disarm the bomb first thing - and then wipe them out.
      • Keep in mind that if an elemental you summon then escapes, it counts as a Team Member death and causes you to lose the level.
    • Return to the Kreuzbasar to bury Paul. Be sure to choose the level 6 skills for the crew and check out the merchants.