Building An Interior Map

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This tutorial will go over the basics of laying out an interior map in the Shadowrun Level Editor. This guide will go over:

  1. Scene Controls
  2. Interior Floors
  3. Interior Walls
  4. Interior Gutters
  5. Setting up Corners
  6. Adding Props

Video[edit | edit source]

Create a New Scene[edit | edit source]

First off, we are going to need a new Scene to get things started.

  1. Select File -> IconNewScene.PNG Create New Scene
  2. Select Create New Map

Notice that your new Scene will appear in the Story Data window.

Scene Controls[edit | edit source]

Any object in the game can be moved and manipulated with the following hot keys.

Prop Controls[edit | edit source]

Key Stroke Action
R Rotate selected asset
Hold Shift + Click Select multiple assets
Hold Shift + Click + Drag Select multiple assets in an area
Hold Ctrl + Click + Drag Copy selected asset(s).
Alt + Arrow Keys Nudge an asset forward, back, left or right (X & Z axis)
Alt + Page up/down Nudge an asset vertically up or down (Y axis)

Mac Exclusive[edit | edit source]

Using a Mac keyboard requires the use of the function key.

Key Stroke Action
FN + Arrow Key Up Page Up
FN + Arrow Key Down Page Down
FN + Delete Delete

Design[edit | edit source]

The first thing you want to think about before jumping into your map is what sort of environment you want to create. What sort of feeling or mood would you like to invoke? What is the purpose of your map, and how will it influence your story? The stronger the purpose or general theme behind your map, the stronger the map. After you've thought of the mood, pick the type of environment you want.

For this tutorial we will be creating a grungy, uninviting, and dangerous looking science facility.

Graveyard[edit | edit source]

Some developers work from a Graveyard where they drag into the scene all of the props they may want to use. From there you have a consistent reference to all of the options and can adjust the scene on the fly. This is a similar concept to a color palette in other mediums and allows for quick access to props you use regularly in a Scene.

Floors[edit | edit source]

To stick with our theme, we'll be using the following floor tiles that can be found in the Asset Library:

Group: SecretLab

  • Gutter Edge 02 Open
  • Gutter Intersection 01
  • 2x2 Panels 01c Closed
  • 2x2 Panels 02b Open
  • Lab Doorframe

This is also an excellent time to experiment with the Asset Library filter.

For the main floor space, use 2x2 Panels 01c Closed and for accents use 2x2 Panels 02b Open. Combining the use of Shift+Click+Drag to select multiple objects and Ctrl+Click+Drag, you should make quick work of laying out a floor plan.


With the floor in place, setup gutters where the walls will go.


Walls[edit | edit source]

With the foundation set, we are going to add the walls to the room. We'll be using the following assets for the walls in the room.

Group: SecretLab

  • Window Closed End
  • Edge 04b Markings
  • Door Back
  • Door Front
  • Edge 02 Wires
  • Wall End
  • Connector
  • Window Open End
  • Door 02 Front
  • Door 02 Back Alarmed
  • Black Wall Fill

We'll be starting from the left side of our wall. Using the Window Closed End, drag it over your gutter piece, duplicate it, and rotate it into place.


Next we'll add a door frame over the door frame gutter. The door comes in three pieces, two for the door frame and one for the door. For this first door we will use Door Front and Door Back.


Place an Edge 02 Wires next to the door to finish up that wall. We'll be adding another window and door to our walls for this guide. Fill in the walls as you see fit.


Corners[edit | edit source]

Corners are created by two wall pieces rotated and put together in various patterns. To create a corner use the Wall End and Connector pieces. The image below will show the four corners available from these pieces.


Filler[edit | edit source]

For the forward most wall of your Scene you will want to use the Black Wall Fill to block the negative space and fulfill the wall requirements. Use this only if there is no player-accessible area on the opposite side of the wall.


Props and Accents[edit | edit source]

Now that the room is built structurally it's time to fill it with Props. The following Props will be used for this guide:

Group: SecretLab

  • Round Table
  • Table
  • Safe Table
  • Drawer Table
  • Holo Table
  • Computer Table
  • Sink Table
  • Locker Open
  • Locker Closed
  • Wall Console 02
  • Wall Console 02 lights
  • Wooden Container large
  • Wall Monitor large green
  • Wall Monitor 02 lights
  • Wall Machinery 01
  • Office Chair 01
  • Furnace Unit
  • Cyberterminal
  • Dissection bed monitor
  • Blood Sample Crate
  • Tanks
  • Circle Lamp

When placing props, objects may tile through all or parts of other props/walls. To get around this, use the Alt + Arrow Keys to Nudge the object into the proper place. It is good practice to avoid nudging objects generally, unless either the player will not pass through or near that area, or unless absolutely necessary.


Wrapping Up[edit | edit source]

With everything in place you should have a pretty good handle on making interior maps. Next you'll want to create a way for you runners to make it into your lovely interior. For that you may want to take a look at the Exterior Maps tutorial.