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Before starting work on a mod, you should decide which version of Shadowrun to use. This page may help you decide which works best for you.

Game Pros Cons
Shadowrun Returns
  • Simplest and easiest to learn.
  • Most limited selection of resources.
  • Many items on the Workshop, more difficult for new content to be recognized.
  • Fewest number of active players.
Dragonfall Director's Cut
  • Greatest amount of music.
  • Largest number of working 3D models (particularly outfits and disguises).
  • Stable and mature game engine.
  • Adds very useful new capabilities, such as crew advancement and Gumbo AI.
  • Missing some of the latest features from Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
  • Has the best-looking animations and 2D props.
  • Includes the latest gameplay improvements.
  • Improved conversation system makes reactive conversations easier to write.
  • Extremely limited selection of music.
  • Many 3D models are broken (missing animations, looking incorrect, or turning invisible).
  • Less information available for making content.

All three versions are similar to work with. The editor looks almost identical across all versions, so skills you learn in one version will apply to others.

In general, content that is made for Shadowrun Returns can be ported to Dragonfall with a little work. It is more difficult to port Dragonfall content to Hong Kong, especially if your mod uses music, orks, trolls, or dogs. It is even more difficult to port content backwards, such as from Hong Kong to Dragonfall or from Dragonfall to Shadowrun Returns.

Solution to Dragonfall Editor missing default Content Packs

Your copy of Dragonfall might not be set up correctly to allow you to choose the stock resources. For example DLC from the Steam Workshop (if you have any) shows up in the editor's Content Pack Dependencies dialog, but not Berlin or Seattle. The solution, yoinked directly from a comment to the video tuts:

"If the editor dosn't show any content packs, you have to click "File" and then "Edit Content Pack Search Path". Click the green plus. Go to the Shadowrun directory, then the Game's "Data" directory > Streaming_Assets > Content Packs. After clicking OK, go again into "File", select "Change Content Pack Dependencies" and choose the Content Pack." -Youtube user Katharina Wegner