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Down the Rabbit Hole
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Down the Rabbit Hole is a mission in Dragonfall.


The tiny credstick feels heavy in your pocket, fat with the weight of hard-won nuyen. The U-bahn station swallows you up and sends you hurtling down the rabbit hole. Towards Alice. Towards the information you've bled for.

The train pulls to a stop and the doors hiss open to the dark, old platform.

With luck, answers lie ahead.


  • Pay the bill to Alice, then retrieve the data - and get ready for some serious upheavals. After receiving the PDA call, get ready for combat.
  • You're met by Eiger at the platform. Once you're done talking, you'll receive a permanent action point bonus - and go out hunting.
  • You first run into three enemies, fighting Dante. After dispatching them, you can use Astral Perception to read his aura and realize that Monika's pet was part hellhound. With Willpower 4, you can force him to obey; otherwise, his obedience hinges on how you treated him.
  • As you make your way to the other crew members, don't go exploring. There's a group of mercenaries who is not confronting any crew member; their only job is to ambush you.
    • Glory is located near the faux-Siegesaule. When you approach her, you'll be attacked by one Vanguard merc from behind. Three will attack Glory, who immediately comes under your command.
    • Dietrich is near Cafe Cezve. Same situation as with Glory, except that nobody is coming up your tailpipe.
  • Once you save Dietrich or Glory (whoever you save last) you'll learn of the plot beneath the Kreuzbasar - and when you access the entrance to the sewers, you'll go beneath the Kreuzbasar.
  • You will also learn that Blitz ran off with Maliit to "jam their comms".