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Events are custom WHEN statements. They require a Trigger that defines what causes it to happen and a Trigger for what happens when it has triggered.

Creating an Event[]

Events can be created from the Scene Data view. From this view you have two options:

Option A:

  1. Right-Click Events
  2. Select IconNewGeneric.PNG Create Trigger Event

Option B:

  1. Click the IconGearDropdown.PNG icon
  2. Select IconNewGeneric.PNG Create Trigger Event

Using an Event[]

Events take a few pieces to put together properly. Since an event doesn't do anything by itself, it needs the help of triggers to make it useful. In this case we need:

  • An Event
  • A Triggering Statement
  • A Triggered Statement

Triggering Statement[]

Your triggering statement is a trigger that has the Send Event do statement:

Send out the Game Event (USER EVENT)

Whatever conditions come before are used to indicate when you want your event to be triggered. You may also use Send Event After Delay if there would be timing involved.

Triggered Statement[]

Your triggered statement is another trigger that uses the event as its when statement:


Your Event

Otherwise, it acts the same as any other trigger you would create. Since all it takes is putting the event in the when statement of a trigger, you may have as many triggered statements as you like off of a single event.


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