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False Flag
False Flag.jpg
Mandatory objectives
  • Discover the Humanis plot
  • Escape with the Humanis plot information
Optional objectives
  • Find the Humanis donor list
  • Help Dietrich find his nephew
  • Convince Alexander to leave Humanis
  • Get Alexander to safety
  • Keep Maxim alive
  • LocationSchattennest
    Rewards¥22,000 + ¥500 with Etiquette: Socialite
    8 + 3 + 1 +1 karma

    False Flag is a mission in Dragonfall.


    The U-Bahn rattles to a halt at the edge of Kreuzberg. You're only a few blocks away from Schattennest, the kiez that Maxim and his smugglers call home. According to Samuel, they should be expecting you. The goal? Join them and infiltrate the local chapter of Humanis Policlub - and prevent a gas attack on the metahumans in Berlin.


    The Approach[]

    • Bring Dietrich for the optional objective: Help Dietrich Find His Nephew.
    • Stop at the phone booth and pick up the Schockwellenreiter optional objective: Find the Humanis Donor List.
    • Head down the street and through the kiez gatekeeper (anything you say will get you through), to find Maxim.
    • You will run into the Rammbocks on the way. You get the option to fight the smugglers, fight everyone, or negotiate. Whichever route you take, you will gain 3 Karma after the encounter.
      • Negotiations require Willpower 4 or Etiquette: Gang to first get Maxim to cooperate, then ¥1,000 to pay them off (¥750 with Charisma 4). Note that you're paying ¥750 out of your own pocket, otherwise you have to fight.
      • The violent routes require a bit of finesse, as you're facing a barricade with a pair of turrets and three gangers pushing up from the back. Good thing there are explosive barrels in place.
      • Betraying Maxim and choosing to fight everyone will leave his credstick where he falls for you to claim in the aftermath, netting a solid ¥2,000. This was apparently the first half of the money Humanis was offering Maxim for the chemical delivery—however, choosing this will make the final fight more difficult without the support of the smugglers, and preclude you from gaining the bonus 1 Karma for helping him at the end of the Run.

    The Compound[]

    • If you have already completed Trial Run, you will receive a call from Luca asking you to keep Volker alive, adding another optional objective.
    • The room ahead contains the personnel lockers, each with a four number code lock. They are arranged alphabetically.
    Locker Name Code Prize
    Locker 1 Bauer 3706 Nitro
    Locker 2 Farber 1409 Note to Alexander
    Locker 3 Kapel 2619 Office door code (Pride)
    Locker 4 Klein 4176 Random ¥: 251 to 290
    Locker 5 Schuhmacher 1106 Armory door code (Purity)
    Locker 6 Yomada 2114 Empty
    • Head left, near the armory. In the kitchen you'll find a note with a number for locker 3 in the bunk room: 2619. The locker contains Volker's password for the office.
    • The room beyond the kitchen contains a lone turret. You can reprogram it with Drone Control 4.
    • More importantly, the office to the side contains 3 terminals that can be hacked with Decking 4 or a Decker on your team. You can also simply enter the password "Humanis" to gain access to the terminals (Tested in Director's Cut).
      • A list of all recruit locker codes is contained in the second computer.
      • Humanis donor list if you accepted the optional mission from the phone booth
      • Pay data you can post on the shadowlands BBS from your terminal in the hideout.
    • Further beyond is the entrance to Volker Stahl's office (code: PRIDE). Your goal is there on the desk.
    • Volker enters. No matter what you do, he will decide to start shooting.
      • Alexander will be confronted by Dietrich. See Alexander's article for information on convincing him to turn on Humanis.
    • Combat time!
      • This is a very large combat encounter with lots of enemies. To survive in this target rich environment, focus on clearing the room first. The fight is divided into roughly three stages: The office, the warehouse, and the entry corridor.
      • The turret, if you turned it, will likely be junked in the first turn, but it will delay the incoming attackers somewhat.
      • Shotguns and explosives work well to manage the flood of incoming supremacists. Try to limit the line of sight, to force them to come to you at close range, rather than letting them take pot shots.
      • Setting some of your party members on overwatch to keep the incoming enemies in the corridor in check is a good way to thin their numbers.
      • Glory is excellent as a tank - and her razors are extremely useful in carving incoming supremacists apart. She's also useful as a line-breaker, to enter the room and start wreaking havoc.
      • Jack-in at the terminal in the back to gain surveillance tools and open the armory - for picking after you're done clearing Berlin of this policlub.
      • Three more attackers will join the party when you reach the exit area. Plan accordingly.
    • Loot the armory once you're done.

    Approach Once Again[]

    • You'll run into another group of supremacists outside. You can attack them from both sides simultaneously.
    • Maxim will provide support, though he will not last long on his own. Get to him as soon as possible. This is worth 1 karma.