Shadowrun Wiki

There are a couple of options when it comes to getting the editor started. The most common option being from within the game client.

Loading the Editor[ | ]

  1. Start Shadowrun Returns
  2. From the Main Menu select Content
  3. Select Run Shadowrun Editor

The Editor may also be run directly without launching the game client by creating a shortcut from the Installation Directory.

Note: The Editor does not require the game client to be running. However, in order to test your scene you will have to have the game client open.

Initial Setup[ | ]

If this is your first time using the editor with one of the game clients you are going to want to modify the content packs search path. This will modify the folders that are searched through when selecting Content Pack Dependencies.

Setup[ | ]

  1. Select File -> Edit Content Pack Search Path
  2. Select IconAdd to add a new search path
  3. Select the Content Packs folder of the game in question (Game File Locations)
  4. Confirm the selection

Tutorials[ | ]

With the editor up and running it is recommended to go through the Quick Start Guides. These tutorials give a crash course on creating the core game loop for a combat mission.