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Goals are your scene objectives for the Shadowrunners. They don't do much by themselves, but with the help of Triggers you can give your players new objectives and reward them upon completion.

Creating a Goal[edit | edit source]

Goals can be created from the Scene Data view. From this view you have two options:

Option A:

  1. Right-Click Goals
  2. Select IconNewGeneric.PNG Create Scene Goal

Option B:

  1. Click the IconGearDropdown.PNG icon
  2. Select IconNewGeneric.PNG Create Scene Goal

Properties[edit | edit source]

Property Definition Example
Goal Name Sets the Goal Name Kill All Hostiles
Goal Type Sets the Type of the Goal Secondary
Default Status Sets the Default Status of the Goal Started
Description Sets a Description for the Goal It's an ambush! Clear out all your would be assassins

Using Goals[edit | edit source]

Goals will always interact with some sort of trigger. This can be done through Conversations as well. The following triggers will be used regularly with goals:

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Goals, Triggers, and Regions - Covers the basics of setting up Region interaction