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Npc orkfemale gobbet.png
QuestsHard Landing, The Sinking Ship

Gobbet is a character and crew member in Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Background[edit | edit source]

A shaman of the Rat totem, Gobbet loves her food. She also doesn't like to second-guess herself, something which the Player Character can help change.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Gobbet first joins the player character and Duncan (unwillingly) during Hard Landing.
  • For City of Darkness, either her or Is0bel will accompany you as a runner, which will affect how you approach the run. (assuming you're not a decker or shaman.)
  • After you've heard enough of Gobbet's past, she'll disappear. To get her back, you must complete The Sinking Ship run.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Like Dietrich in Dragonfall, Gobbet is best used for buffing the team and debuffing the enemy, due to her relatively low Spellcasting and Conjuring scores (5 and 6 respectively at level 6). However, give her a spell which strips armor, and her SMG may become rather useful.
  • In Shadows, her Spellcasting and Ranged Combat are increased to 6. If you bring her for runs, consider buying upgraded versions of her default Heal Wound and Aim.

Character upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Upgrade options Other bonuses
2 Augment Skill: Ranged Combat
+1 Ranged Combat, SMG
Augmented Ability: Spirit Control
Spirits never break away in the first two rounds after summoning them.
+1 to:
3 Gain Rat Totem: Destroy Spirit
Rat Totem invocation does 99 DMG to any hostile spirit.
Gain Rat Totem: Steal Spirit
Rat Totem invocation can steal control of spirits summoned by enemy shamans.
+1 to:

+2 to:

4 Augment Spell: Poison Fog
Upgrades to Acidic Fog, which does both HP DMG and AP DMG.
Augment Summon: Shrine Spirits
Shrine Spirits summoned by Gobbet now last for 3 turns instead of 2.
+1 to:
5 Gain Spell: Plague Barrier
Heavy Cover barrier spell that lasts 3 turns.
Anyone that enters takes -14 DMG and -1 AP.
Gain Item: Devil Rat Spirit Fetish
Gobbet now brings a Devil Rat Spirit Fetish on every mission.
+1 to:
6 Augment Spell: Haste
Gobbet's Haste spell now grants her target +1 AP and increases Gobbet's accuracy by 15% for four turns.
Gain Ability: Consume Spirit
Gobbet consumes her spirits, destroying them and healing her for 20 HP for two turns. Also gives her +1 AP for two turns.
+1 to:

+2 to: