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EffectIncreases ESP accuracy, reduces chance to be hit for ESP and decker in the Matrix and unlocks technical skills.
Maximum valueTroll: 6, Orc: 8, Human, Elf, Dwarf: 9
ESP Control
Drone Combat
Drone Control

Intelligence is one of the attributes.


An essential attribute for deckers and riggers, but can also be useful for a healer due to Biotech. Intelligence improves Expert Systems Programs (ESP) accuracy, reduces chance to be hit in the Matrix (for decker and programs) and unlocks access to skills related to decking, rigging and biotech.

It can also be used in conversation or as a skill check occasionally, but doesn't result in any significant rewards such as with Strength, Quickness and Charisma.

Campaign Usefulness[]

  • The Dead Man's Switch
    • There are no checks requiring the attribute and resulting skills to be any higher than five. In fact there are only two uses of the attribute, one to pick a lock and the other to sucker punch someone.
    • Decking is used heavily to gain access to additional content, much more than Drone Control or biotech.