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buildingsBerlin safehouse
Cafe Cezve
Triage Cyberclinic
Talismonger's Shop
merchantsMaliit Holyey (tech), Aljernon (magic), Gunari Mettbach (guns), Xabier Ezkibel (cyberware and medical supplies), Zaak Flash (drugs)

Kreuzbasar is the hub of Shadowrun: Dragonfall.


Kreuzberg. Home to nearly a half a million people and, until very recently, Monika Schafer. Once a melting pot of cultural diversity, it's now a chaotic mess of wealth and poverty, crime and commerce, anarchy and control. It's also home to your own little slice of Berlin, a neighborhood that locals call "the Kreuzbasar" - a safe port in the eye of a storm.


To the east of the entrance of your safehouse, you will find the vendor Maliit Holyey and to the west of it you will find Samuel Beckenbauer and Aleksi Laine. To the south east of Mallit, you will find Altug's Cafe Cezve. After you have completed some missions, Kami will be standing near the cafe. To the south west of the cafe, you will find Aljernon's shop and to further south-east a dancing girl whom you can tip. To further west of Alexei Laine, you will find Kimmy and near to her is Der Weinkeller, a statue and the Schockwellreiter phonebooth. A small distance south to her, the drug dealer Zaak Flash can be found. To Zaak's south is the TRIAGE cyberclinic and to his south-east is the weapon vendor Gunari Mettbach. There are two U-Bahn station entrances can be in the Kreuzbasar, one near Backenbauer and the other near the dancing girl.


Act One[]

  • While resetting the data buffers for Altug, you can listen to a tapped phone line.
  • A phone booth near the faux-Siegesaule offers an additional data retrieval mission for the Schockwellenreiter.
  • You can inform various people around the Basar that Monika passed.

Act Two[]

After The Drug Pit
  • You'll need several components in order to view the disks you retrieved from Green Winters.
    • Maliit Holyey will supply you with the RGB monitor, but the optical disk reader will have to be obtained from someone else. She'll point you in the right direction, and be prepared to get some Turkish coffee...
  • After viewing the first of the retrieved optical disks, you are asked to contact Alice. Use the U-Bahn to reach a derelict station, then use the arcade machine to summon her with Amsel's 10k.
  • The Schockenweller pay phone will accept the following data: Humanis donor list, MKVI data (project, visual data, formula), and the Bloodline project data. Delivering these will unlock the "Information is Free" achievement.
After Bloodline
  • If you obtained the project data, you can decide what to do with it.
    • Schockwellenreiter will pay you the usual ¥500 fee for delivery and take it off your hands.
    • You can sell it on the Shadowland BBS.
    • You can delete it.
  • If you passed the Trial Run and delivered the Lodge's message, you'll receive ¥1000 from Luca Duerr.
  • You must finish watching all of Winter's disks before proceeding Down the Rabbit Hole.

Act Three[]

  • During Down the Rabbit Hole, you'll fight Audran's men at various locations. Note that there is a group of mercs which can be avoided; avoid exploring the the town thoroughly.
  • After Dragonfall, you can talk to various characters during the epilogue.