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The properties view contains the information about a Prop or an Actor. Values can be modified from this window while editing or even changed in game with a trigger! The power of properties is what allows us to dictate an enemy's difficulty, where he shows up, and even how he can be interacted with.

Toolbar[edit | edit source]

From the top of the view you have access to the following tools:

For Props[edit | edit source]

For Actors[edit | edit source]

Basic Properties[edit | edit source]

The first table is included for every Prop and Actor. Actors are, at their core, a special prop. This table covers the name of the Prop and its position.

Property Definition
Prop Name Default name of prop, can be changed at any time
Grid Position Asset's position in the space of the scene. Can be changed here or by dragging the prop around the scene
Orientation The direction the Prop is facing
Tags Any Tags that have been assigned to the Prop

Actor Properties[edit | edit source]

The second table only appears if the selected prop is an Actor. This table covers different identifiers that describe that particular character.

Property Definition
Spawn at Map Start Sets if the Actor spawns when the map loads
Ambient Actor Sets the Actor as being ambient. Actor is created with the bare minimum requirements to save memory.
Cull on Low End Mobile Deprecated. Intended for internal use when developing for mobile platforms.
Scene Dimension Defines the dimension the Actor spawns in
Actor Name The name of the Actor
Actor Type Defines the Actor's preset AI
Team Defines the Actor's team
Prefab Defines the model used
Character Sheet Defines the character sheet used
Current Equipment Defines the Actors current equipment
Scale Character Sheet Defines if the Character Sheet scales (for difficulty levels?)
AI Patrol Route Defines the Actor's patrol route if given
Tags Lists all the tags the Actor has
AI Ignores Actor Defines if the AI is to ignore the actor
Actor cannot be injured Defines if the Actor cannot be hurt
Actor cannot be killed Defines if the Actor cannot be killed
Actor hides floaties This actor will not display floating messages such as hit points upon being shot
Actor has fist Defines if the character can use unarmed combat (?)
Actor's body persists after death Defines if the Actor model stays on the map after death
AI Never Use Draining Abilities The Actor will not cast spells while they are in a cooldown period, which would cause hit point loss due to mana drain.
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