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Return to Harfeld
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Mandatory objectives
  • Get to the Freight Elevator

Return to Harfeld is a mission in Dragonfall.


The van lurches forward. The smell of anxious sweat hangs close and thick inside, making the cramped vehicle feel even smaller. The streets of Berlin are strangely quiet as you make your way past the city limits. It's as if the whole of the Flux State is waiting for something. A calm before the storm.

An hour later, the van rounds a corner. In the distance you can see the silhouette of Harfeld Manor, backed by the light of the full moon. You switch the van's headlights off and shift to electric. A short while later, you kill the ignition and roll quietly down the last hill, pulling to a stop on the side of the road. A bird of prey takes wing from a tree above you, beginning its nocturnal pursuit.

You know how it feels.


  • You return to a sense of omnipresent dread and homicidal intent - welcome to the endgame. Hope you're well-stocked; the next time you'll be back at the Kreuzbasar will be during the epilogue.
  • Head into the left-hand alley and press "Open" to gain access to the grounds. Inside, you immediately enter combat mode, welcomed by a single hellhound.
  • Head beyond the entrance door, to the side. You'll run into three proud representatives of the private security sector. Kill them all. The guy making for the panel should be given top priority, as he will release three hellhounds otherwise. After wiping them out, pick up the estate keycard and ransack the restroom for a Defiance Super Shock and a premium medkit.
  • Open the gates with the keycard and say hello to another round of fighting. The security will retreat, luring you in close to gargoyle statues, which will transform into actual gargoyles when you come close. Note that when they die, they release a cloud of toxic gas.
  • The last courtyard contains another closed gate. Go left to find a statue of the great dragon and two more guards (and gargoyles). It's like they're not even trying.
  • Beyond the statue is an inner garden... and lots of opposition. Looks like they decided to at least try to put up a fight. Focus on the shaman and the rigger first, then mop up as necessary.
  • Use the console and take the freight elevator to The Lab Below.