Shadowrun: Dragonfall Drones

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Drones are remote controlled robots used by Riggers and are healed using a Drone Repair Kit. With enough skill, a rigger can control two at a time. They are separated into four classes with two types each: an attack & a support drone. The support drone's equipment is refreshed after every run.

Class Drone Control Icon Name Description Weapon Damage Store Price
C 1 (icon) Doberman A basic combat drone that every rigger should own at least once in their shadow career. Turret 10 ¥1,000
(icon) Smoker A support drone that is equipped to lay a smoke trail anywhere you need it most. Mortar ¥800
B 3 (icon) Strato-9 An old Lone Star hoverdrone that has been given a weapon upgrade. Turret 12 ¥2,000
(icon) RoboDoc A medkit on wheels, it's a runner's best friend in the heat of a firefight. Mortar ¥1,750
A 5 (icon) Steel Lynx Offers ground based firepower. It's like having another runner on the team. Turret 14 ¥2,750
(icon) Sundowner This classic hoverdrone can support the team with both medkits and concussion grenades. Mortar ¥2,500
S 7 (icon) Guardian From Ares, this is one of the best combat hoverdrones on the market. Turret 16 ¥4,000
(icon) Wolfhound The best support drone in the biz. It will drop a grenade, medkit and even fight. Mortar ¥3,000