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The epilogue of Shadowrun: Dragonfall is the last mission of the game.


You step out of the van, climbing down into the tunnel leading back to your safehouse.

Just hours ago, you saved Berlin from fire and ash, from the would-be sacrifice of Dr. Adrian Vauclair. It feels strange now, returning in secret. In silence. The other residents of Kreuzbasar go about their business, unaware of what almost happened here tonight.

It's finally over. Your team, and your kiez, are safe once again.


  • After returning to the Kreusbasar, go to the safe house and talk to your teammates. Eiger will inform you that Altug wants to talk to you.
  • After finishing the conversation, you can talk with people around the Kreuzbazar. Before going to Altug, talk to your other teammates. Both Blitz and Dietrich decide to remain in the team.
  • Glory's decision will depend upon whether you killed Harrow in the mission Feuerstelle or not.
    • She will decide to leave in order to track and take down Harrow if you didn't kill him. You can try to convince her to let you come along, but she won't agree. Don't try to be too persistent or she will get upset and think that your talks with her were all about what you wanted.
    • If you did kill Harrow, then she will stay and will be happy that Harrow is dead and she has her magic back. If you tell her that the magic seems to be in control of her, she will refute that, saying that she's in control of it. If you push too much, she will get angry; if you agree with her, she will offer to take you out for a beer. Either way, as you walk away from her, you will get the same feeling of dread you got while facing the spirit in Feuerstelle.
  • If you decided to free APEX and did not turn control of the dragon over to it, you will get an ominous call on your PDA.
  • When you talk to Altug, he will offer to become your new fixer. Regardless of your answer, he will tell you to take the U-Bahn to Brandenburger Tor to meet a man with very deep pockets who has a proposal for you.
  • Once you board the U-Bahn, the scene will shift to inside the train, where a mysterious man will be traveling inside the train along with you. He will introduced himself as Hans Brackhaus and question you about the events that transpired at the Harfeld Manor. He will then propose you an offer to work for Lofwyr which you can accept or refuse, after which the game ends.