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This page lists all available outfits in Dead Man's Switch.


Name Icon Description Armor Effects
Agent Provacateur
Icon outfit deckerprettyboy.png
Stylish yet secure enough to wear on a run. 6 Intelligence +1
ESP Control +1
Alley mage outfit
Icon outfit mageredriding.png
Mageware for those that live on the streets. 4 Willpower +1
HP +5
Alley punk
Icon outfit samuraipunk.png
Dressed one step above a street banger. 4 HP +3
Corp mage
Icon outfit mageslick.png
Made for corpsec but can be found on the street. 8 Spellcasting +1
Willpower +1
First Nation armor
Icon outfit shamanurban.png
The tribal uniform of the urban Shaman. 4 Charisma +1
Spirit Control +1
Ganger mask
Icon outfit samuraibunny.png
Taken off a dead ganger, which seemed like a good idea at the time. 6 Quickness +1
HP +5
Golden Boy
Icon outfit riggergolden.png
Comfortable and pockets for all your tools. Good protection. Decking and drone integration. The outfit of choice for many tech-savvy runners. Grants +1 Decking and +1 Drone Combat. 4 (DMS)
6 (Dragonfall)
Dead Man's Switch:
  • +1 Intelligence
  • +1 Drone Combat


  • +1 Decking
  • +1 Drone Combat
High grade street armor
Icon outfit samuraineo.png
A trenchcoat that provides pure body protection. 10 -
Kunai ninja suit
Icon outfit adeptkunai.png
Renraku made suit that's a street favorite. 4 Throwing +1
Movement +1
Matrix Courier
Icon outfit berlin rigger.png
For those who dress for inside the Matrix and out. Grants +1 Intelligence. 4 (DMS)
2 (Dragonfall)
+1 Intelligence
ESP Control +1 (DMS only)
Milspec flight suit
Icon outfit riggerflightsuit.png
Made for the UCAS military. 4 Intelligence +1
Drone Control +1
Occult robes
Icon outfit magedark.png
Robes that show the mystic arts mean real power. From knowledge comes magic, from magic comes power, and from power comes yet greater knowledge. Adds +1 Willpower and +1 Spellcasting. 6 (DMS)
3 (Dragonfall)
Dead Man's Switch:
  • +1 Willpower
  • +10 HP


  • +1 Spellcasting
Refurb UCAS shock gear
Icon outfit samuraimilitary.png
UCAS milspec that's customized for the shadows. 6 Strength +1
HP +5
Salish pendant
Icon outfit shamanpendant.png
Keeping tribal roots while working the shadows. 4 Charisma +1
Summoning +1
Salish runner
Icon outfit shamanskirted.png
Clothes directly imported from the Tribal Lands. 2 Charisma +1
Secure adept clothing
Icon outfit adeptstarter.png
Basic clothing for the shadowrunning Adept. 1
Secure clothing
Icon outfit classlessstarter.png
Basic clothing for the Shadowrunner. 1
Secure decker clothing
Icon outfit deckerstarter.png
Basic clothing for the shadowrunning Decker. 1
Secure mage clothing
Icon outfit magestarter.png
Basic clothing for the shadowrunning Mage 1
Secure ninja clothing
Icon outfit adeptninja.png
Adept ninja outfit. 3 Dodge +1
Secure rigger clothing
Icon outfit riggerstarter.png
Basic clothing for the shadowrunning Rigger. 1
Secure samurai clothing
Icon outfit samuraistarter.png
Basic clothing for the shadowrunning Samurai. 1
Secure shaman clothing
Icon outfit shamanstarter.png
Basic clothing for the shadowrunning Shaman. 1
Slick decker outfit
Icon outfit deckerfab.png
Fuchi's line of urbanware used by street deckers. 4 Intelligence +1
Decking +1
Stealth rigger
Icon outfit riggertrench.png
For that professional Rigger look. 6 Intelligence +2
Drone Control +1
Stealth suit
Icon outfit adeptstealth.png
Ares made stealth suit. 4 Dodge +1
Street brawler set
Icon outfit adeptbase.png
Combines the best parts from the best armor. 5 Dodge +1
Move +2
Street monk outfit
Icon outfit adeptstreetmonk.png
The ultimate adept outfit for the ultimate adept. Grants +1 Willpower, +1 Move Speed, and +1 Dodge. 7 Dead Man's Switch:


Thaumaturgic armor
Icon outfit magetraditional.png
Clothing for that traditional mage look. 2 Willpower +1
The Black Hat
Icon outfit deckerfedora.png
The coolest hat in the shadows. 2 Intelligence +1
The Mechanic
Icon outfit riggertoolbelt.png
When the most important thing is drones. 8 Drone Control +1
Drone Combat +1
The Tourist Look
Icon outfit riggerhawaiian.png
Just toss it on and head on out. 3 Intelligence +1
Totem coat
Icon outfit shamantotemcoat.png
Lets others know that your totem is power. Grants +1 Spellcasting, +1 Conjuring, and +1 Spirit Control. 6 Dead Man's Switch:
  • +1 Summoning
  • +1 Spirit Control


Urban mystic outfit
Icon outfit magecasual.png
Aztechnology made clothing for street mages. 4 Willpower +1
Spellcasting +1


Name Icon Description Armor Effects
Corporate salaryman
Icon outfit disguise corporate.png
Grey suit, grey tie, grey skin. 0 Disguise
Cult follower
Icon outfit disguise cultistub.png
Dark robes are fashionable in July. 0 Disguise
Icon outfit disguise lonestar.png
The blue pants never fit right; but the flashlight is pretty wiz. 0 Disguise
SIN-less rags
Icon outfit disguise ganger.png
Yes, sometimes scent is part of the disguise. You\'ll get used to it. 0 Disguise
Scientist / medical
Icon outfit disguise scientist.png
Scrubs and a lab coat. Must provide own clipboard. 0 Disguise
Maintenance worker
Icon outfit disguise Janitor.png
Toilets and boilers, that's what I handle. And that one boiling toilet. 0 Disguise