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This page lists all totems in Shadowrun Returns.


Name Icon Description Grants Range Duration Cooldown
Bear Srr auras bear.png Bear is powerful, gentle, wise, and a protector of all the natural world. Heals all allies within range of the damage from their most recent wound. 3 - 3
Cat Srr auras cat.png Cat is secretive, sly, and stealthy and very hard to trap. Dodge +1 to all allies within range. 3 3 1
Coyote Srr auras coyote.png Coyote is unpredictable and ever changing. He is the trickster. Quickness +1 to all allies within a range. 3 3 1
Eagle Srr auras eagle.png Eagle is proud and keen sighted. He sees all. +15% to hit to all allies within range. 3 2 1
Raccoon Srr auras raccoon.png Raccoon is cunning and curious with a strategic mind and a thief's insight. Move +2 to all allies within range. 2 2 1