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Spells draw upon the magical forces and direct them in a number of ways.

  • See here for a list of spells in Shadowrun Returns.
  • See here for a list of spells in Dragonfall.
  • See here for a list of spells in Hong Kong.


  • Spells can be enhanced by leylines. Some damage dealing spells can result in friendly fire with careless targeting, while many buff spells appear to gain no benefit from leylines beyond duration. Barrier damage is not increased by leylines.
    • Accuracy spells do not stack, the highest value is used. They will stack with Mark Target, as it's a debuff on an enemy versus a buff for a group member.
  • Even if the PC does not cast spells, spells can be purchased for the crew's mage/shaman (Dietrich in Dragonfall, and Gobbet in Hong Kong). Just remember the specialization requirements and to equip the spells before you set out for the run.