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Street samurai
Street Samurai.png
Recommended attributesBody
Strength or Quickness
Recommended skillsClose Combat or Ranged Combat
Throwing Weapons
Weapon focusAny in the above skills

The Street Samurai is a freelance operative who follows a code of street honor. They are learned in the ways of the traditional samurai warrior and in the practices of modern combat. Samurai sell their skills for profit and work to take out the dishonorable scum that seem to breed in the urban sprawls.

Playing experience[]

The Street Samurai is the closest to a classic "fighter" character. Focusing on weapon skills, the Street Samurai is going to have a good time taking even the most challenging opponents head-on. They should focus on getting the biggest, baddest guns or melee weapons... though if favoring the latter, a Physical Adept might be a better choice.

Campaign NPCs[]

  • In Dragonfall, Eiger and Glory can be considered Street Samurai.
  • In Hong Kong, Duncan and Gaichu can be considered Street Samurai.