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Overview[edit | edit source]

A Tag is a fixed string that can be attached to any Asset in the Scene. These can later be used with Triggers to affect tagged assets.

Creating a Tag[edit | edit source]

Tags can be created from the Scene Data view or the Properties view of an asset. From the scene data view you have two options:

Option A:

  1. Right-Click Tags
  2. Select IconNewGeneric.PNG Create Tag

Option B:

  1. Click the IconGearDropdown.PNG icon
  2. Select IconNewGeneric.PNG Create Tag

Once created double-click the new tag and assign it a name.

Assign a Tag[edit | edit source]

Tags can be assigned from the properties view or by a trigger.

Properties[edit | edit source]

For assigning Tags outside of game play, working through an assets properties view is an option.

  1. Select the asset you intend to tag from the scene view
  2. In the properties view of that asset, type a new tag in the tag box

You may assign multiple tags this way by separating them with commas.

Triggers[edit | edit source]

If you want to assign a tag during game play you'll want to do it with a Trigger.

  1. Create a new Trigger
  2. Setup the proper When and If Statement for your Trigger
  3. Setup the Do Statement Add Tag to Actor or Add Tag to Prop

You can assign multiple tags to a prop in this way or tags to multiple props.

Similarly, if you want a Tag removed, you will create another Trigger using the Remove Tag From Actor or Remove Tag From Prop Do Statements.