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Expansion tokens are embedded sequences of characters that are replaced with the information that it describes. For example

Expansion Tokens[edit | edit source]

The following table describes the expansions that are available

Expansion Token Definition
X.name The person’s street name.
X.honorific The person’s honorific (depending on gender, etc). E.g. “Mr.”
X.his “his” or “hers” depending on gender
X.him “him” or “her” depending on gender
X.he “he” or “she” depending on gender
X.man “man” or “woman” depending on gender
X.guy “guy” or “lady” depending on gender (more informal version of X.man).
X.race the person’s race (e.g. “troll”)
X.race_plural the person’s race pluralized (e.g. “trolls”).
X.sir “sir” or “madam” depending on gender
X.freund “mein Freund” or “meine Freundin” depending on gender
X.firstname (Hong Kong only) The person's first name.
X.lastname (Hong Kong only) The person's last name.

X Prefix[edit | edit source]

The X prefix must be replaced with one of the following:

Prefix Definition
s Speaker
l Listener
story Story (global) variable
scene Scene variable

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

There are also modifiers that can be applied by embedding a code between the $ and the ( in the expansion:

  • $-(...) -- Cause the expanded text to be all lowercase
  • $++(...) -- Cause the expanded text to be all uppercase
  • $+(...) -- Cause the first letter to be uppercase, and the rest remain untouched

Examples[edit | edit source]

“Hello, $(s.name)!” would be replaced with the speaker’s name(e.g. “Hello, Maclusky!”). If an expansion cannot be found or inferred, the raw text should come through so it is immediately visible as an error in the final text.(e.g “Hello, $(unknownexpansion).” would result in the same string unmodified.)

  • “Kill $(l.him)!”
  • “I wouldn't expect a $(l.race) like you to understand."
  • "We $(s.race_plural) are far superior intellectually.”
  • “Look $(l.guy), I don’t have time for this!”
  • “You have killed $(scene.NumRatsKilled) of 10 rats.”