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The Lab Below
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Rewards5 + 2 karma

The Lab Below is a mission in Dragonfall.


After making your way across the manor grounds, you find the servants' entrance open and the immediate interior clear of any resistance.

You find the elevator that you used during your prior escape waiting patiently for your arrival. It shudders to life now, ready to carry you down into the facility below. To the place where Monika met APEX and the world turned upside down.

Where this whole thing began.


  • You're back at the beginning of the book. Enter the room and if APEX is on your side, marvel at the handiwork here. If not, take out the two guards.
  • Access the main terminal in the center of the room and press any key to log on.
    • To fully understand most entries, you need to have Biotech 7 and Spellcasting 7. Once you read the Panacea entry and learn the nature of the project, you can gain 5 karma with Intelligence 7.
  • Open the door that leads deeper into the facility. If you freed APEX, it will thank you and mention that security systems will now focus on slaughtering its captors and ignoring you.
  • Enter the door beyond the two turrets - combat time! You're facing three goons behind cover. Waste them in any manner you see fit.
  • The open room to the right contains a locked safe and security terminal. Use the terminal to gain access to cameras and the drone box - with Drone Control 5, you can even control one, by taking the remote from the safe. The room to your left contains a hackable terminal, which requires Decking 5. Read the e-mails, grab the code(1247) for the guards' storeroom, and ransack it.
  • Now, plan your assault. You have two rooms to clear between you and your target. The first room contains five goons, three grunts, grenadier, and mage. It's best to attack it from the side and focus on taking out the magic user. Then, after you're done, access the terminal.
  • The next room contains two turrets (on your side if APEX is still around) and a breakable wall into the store room. If you want to access it, use the drone control box and summon them to "weapons storage". They will eventually self-destruct, opening the store for you. Make sure to place them right next to the breakable wall, especially if you use them in combat. Doing this is worth 2 karma.
  • Beyond lies the transition to the next stage, guarded by seven goons, including two mages. Even with the turrets, you'll want to be careful during this fight. You can choose to have the drones help you in this fight instead of opening the store.
  • If the weapons room is open, make sure to raid it for Fireball II, A Ruger Super Warhawk, an SCK Model 100 with smartlink, and some grenades.
  • Use the blast doors at the end to access Panacea, the next chapter.