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Trolls are one of the metahuman races available at Character creation in Shadowrun.


Trolls are big and nasty. They are a lot tougher, slower, stronger, less charismatic, less acute and less willful than humans. They have thermographic vision, long arms that give them an advantage in hand-to-hand combat, and extremely tough skin with bony deposits that makes them more resistant to damage.

    • In Shadowrun Returns NPC Trolls are easier to hit, due to their larger size. This phenomena can be observed fighting the gang leader in The Redmond Barrens, even with terrible scores in accuracy related attributes or skills the troll is much easier to hit. The same can be observed throughout the game for Orks as well. This may just be due to the fact NPCs of those races were given less dodge and quickness, but useful regardless.

Backer Reward Trolls[]

The following codes will unlock a custom portrait, and troll model. As well as a unique starting outfit for that character. On Android devices custom character codes must be input prior to each new game, for the selected portrait and model. Reward List

Gameplay properties[]