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Variables are containers for storing information during the game. You have to create them, set their values, and eventually use Triggers or Conversations to change their values during the mission.

Types[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of types available to variables:

Variable Definition
Integers Stores numbers without any decimal places
Floats Stores numbers that have decimal places.
Strings Stores text
Booleans Stores True or False

Scene Variables[edit | edit source]

Scene Variables are found in the Scene Data view. From here you can create, view, modify, and see where the variables have been used.

Creating a Scene Variable[edit | edit source]

Scene Variables are created from the Scene Data view. From this view you have two options:

Option A:

  1. Right-Click Variables
  2. Select Create Variable

Option B:

  1. Click the IconGearDropdown.PNG icon
  2. Select Create Variable

Renaming the variable is as simple as double clicking the new variable and entering a name. Upon selecting a variable, the view will show the current value of the variable and where the variable has been used.

Story Variables[edit | edit source]

Story Variables are created in the Content Pack Properties window. These variables are accessible by the triggers in all of your scenes.

Creating a Story Variable[edit | edit source]

Story Variable creation is done from the Content Pack Properties window.

  1. Select IconContentPackProperties.PNG from the editor toolbar
  2. Select IconAdd.PNG to create a new Story Variable
  3. Input a name and select a Type

Using Variables[edit | edit source]

Variables are accessible when creating triggers or conversation actions as a preset value. For example, you may have a trigger with the Do Statement:

Set the (int) Variable (_______) to (0)

Upon right clicking the intended space for the variable, the drop down should reveal the available Story and Scene Variables.

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Quick Start Guide 3 - Setting up a variable that dictates if the alarm is on